The weaving of a Kani Shawl is a typical Kashmiri art of craftsmanship. Some 250 wooden sticks, called tooji, bearing colored woolen threads, are used to weave the Kani Shawls. Skillful artists are sitting next to the loom demonstrating lots of patience, choosing the creative expressions and the  design of the woven pattern.

It is not possible for the artists to weave more than an inch per day. A Kani Shawl can take three months to three years to complete, some take even five years to complete depending upon the intricacy of the design. Kanihama, a village in the west of Kashmir, is specialized in weaving the Kani Shawls.

Stole measure approx 222 x 82 cm.
Shawls measure approx 222 x 107 cm.