Pashmina – the finest Kashmiri wool – comes from the belly and the chin portion of the mountain goats. The animals live at the altitude of 12.000 to 14.000 feet above the sea level in the Himalayan region and survive low temperatures of minus 40 degree Centigrade in a pollution-free climate of the world.

Pashmina is the unique thin hair, the most luxurious wool with a superb texture feeling, soft like a baby skin, warm and light.

The thermo conductivity of the wool is the best protection blessed by nature, Pashmina is a pure work of art.

Kashmir's most exquisite embroidery designs are being executed on Pashmina and, when covering the entire surface of a shawl, it is called a Jamawar which increases the value of a shawl. Pashmina is also known as Ring Shawl.

Stole measure approx 222 x 82 cm.
Shawls measure approx 222 x 107 cm.